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Why Oopies?

Why Oopies? Remarkable impressions will never get affected by time .....

Why Work With Us?

Building an attractive, easy to use, fast loading, secure, functional website that is suited to your target audience is quite a fine art. So what gives us the edge over our competitors? How do you guarantee the quality of your next online project?

We understand that one size never fits all.
At Oopies everything is custom built to suite our clients and their clients! We do not sell pre-built templates, open source software or other products made by someone else. This is the only way that we can truly stand by the quality and security of our work.

We are serious about your security.
It is not just online shop owners who need to be concerned about online security, this issue affects us all. There are various aspects to online security, two major questions to consider are: what software is running my website and where is my website stored?

We can help you with all aspects of your online operations.There are many aspects to creating a new website. Oopies offers quality solutions and consultancy regarding all aspects of website development including:

Site planning, structure and ease-of-use.
Creative and practical design solutions.
Managing your own website (sometimes known as content management).
All aspects of e-commerce and online shopping.
Search engine results and online advertising.
Integration with existing software, websites and intranets.
Indian or international domain names.
Secure website hosting.
Reliable email accounts.

We are experienced and here to stay.
We are committed to the long-term quality and growth of the Indian web design industry. We have a great team of experienced, professional staff who have spent all of their professional working lives in the industry.

Our clients vouch for us.
Most of our work is from very positive word of mouth so don’t just take our word for it, read a few testimonials from our “ecstatic” clients who are receiving “great feedback” about the “professional, innovative and creative” websites that we have developed for them.

  " To be a Global Web Company by 2010."

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